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David Hudson Beneficial Ormus Products  


In 1970 the farmer Hudson found a very strange material when he was doing his gold mining on his land. He did a lot of search to know better about this materials.  


And Hudson called the material that he found Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic elements or ORME, Mono-atomic gold, white gold, White powder gold or Ormus.  


David Hudson ormus gold powder is considered as philosopher's stone.  


Hudson get patent of process of obtaining and identifying Ormus material. He stated that Ormus contain cobalt 27, Nickel 28, Copper 29, Ruthenium 44, Palladium 46. Silver 47, Osmium 76, Iridium 77, Platinum 78, Gold 79, Mercury 80.  


These m-state element exhibit superconductivity and superfluity These are helpful to enhance the energetic level in every living cells.  


This David Hudson ormus gold powder called fruit of tree of life and also star fire gold of God. The ancients consider that gold powder is has magical power to cure many diseases.  


Today you can get various ormus products online like ormus oil, ormus salt, ormus powder and many other products. All has well known for their beneficial features.  


We should be thankful to David Hudson Ormus gold powder research that they gave us this magical material.  



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