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Ormus Water  


Since the discovery of ormus elements by David Hudson in the 1970's, the relationship between the elements and water has intrigued scientists, nutritionists, and other people with spiritual pursuits.  


This is probably due to the mystery that surrounds Ormus. 


 Contrary to other elements that have electrons and protons as the sole determinants of physical nature, the physical qualities of ormus are determined by atomic and molecular structure.

Ormus water presents many benefits, especially because a special kind of synergy is created by the elements.  


In water, ormus is safe unless it comes into contact with sunlight or electromagnetic frequencies.  


Some people believe that ormus water is a "super liquid" because it is enhances the conduction of information and energy when drank.  


Moreover, plants grown on soil rich in ormus water are said to gain from the super conductor qualities of the compound.

With the ongoing research about ormus water, people can anticipate a breakthrough that will answer questions the remaining questions surrounding the mystic nature of the compound.  

Check for more information about ormus water from www.WhatIsOrmus.com, www.OrmusMinerals.com, and http://ormusminerals.blogspot.com.  



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