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Dead Sea Salt Ormus  


Dead Sea Salt Ormus are harvested from South Dead Sea in Israel where this mineral is at its highest content.  

The unique feature of this mineral is the reason why it has become so popular for their various natural therapeutic ways to care for your body as well as treat your body.  

Sea salt from the Dead Sea is the source of Dead Sea salt Ormus. Fed by the river Jordan and several other streams, the Dead Sea has salt content and unparalleled mineral, making it a main source for gold and Ormus in olden times. 

Dead Sea salt Ormus is at the lowest point of altitude on earth and it has no outlet. The elevation of this sea is approximately 411 meters below sea level.  

This sea only loses its water through evaporation. The water boosts of twenty one minerals including magnesium, calcium, bromine, and potassium. Out of the 21 minerals, 12 of them are found in no other ocean or sea. 



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