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Himalayan Salt Ormus  


Salt has nutritional value and is essential for the normal functioning of all living creatures - human beings, animals and plants.  


Any deficiency in the minerals and other elements can adversely affect the health.  


Himalayan salt ormus is one of the purest forms of salt available on the planet today, and is used for a wide range of applications, from spa therapy to medicines.

A major advantage of himalayan salt ormus is the purity, it does not contain the toxins and pollutants which are commonly found in salt from other sources like saltpans in polluted cities. 


 Due to the pollutants emitted by vehicles, and factories, the salt from these salt pans may contain a higher level of toxins.

Additionally, due to the process by which it is formed, himalayan salt ormus also contains some rare minerals which can have beneficial health effects and improve the health of the individual.  


These salts may also be used for formulating fertilizers to boost the growth of plants.  


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